Day 05: Getting My Nose Pierced


November 05, 2018

What’s the challenge?

Holy Sh*t, I’m getting my nose pierced!

Why is this challenging for me?

I have wanted to get my nose pierced for a really long time. But I NEVER thought I’d have the courage to go through with it! On top of the obvious fear of needles and pain, the biggest thing stopping me was a fear of regret. I mean, it’s my face after all, what if I changed my mind in a few years? I have 7 ear piercings and my belly button was pierced, but I haven’t worn jewelry in any of them in close to 15 years. How would this be any different?

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”

— Stephen King ✨

How was the experience?

I was lucky enough to be joined at the tattoo parlor by two people who have already had their nose pierced, one of them being my 16-year old daughter! So that made it a lot easier and was comforting in a way, since I could ask them all the stupid & nervous questions!

The whole process went fast, I was in and out the front door in 30 minutes tops! Right when I went in, I filled out a form, chose my jewelry, then we went back into a room to get started. We went through a little trial and error to get the correct spot marked, my nose was sterilized with an iodine wash (inside & out!), deep breath in, breath out and DONE!!