Day 01: I'm Accepting This Challenge


November 01, 2018

What’s the challenge?

Accept & commit to the #30DaysWithoutFear Challenge

Why is this challenging for me?

Today is only day 1 and it's really ironic that I've sat here for like an hour debating whether or not I really want to post this!

“Fear is an indicator light. What do you fear the most? That's what you need to do!”

— Barbara Stanny ✨

I’ve got all the concern, all the anxiety, and all the fears that you can imagine! Will this be easy? Will it be hard? Can I really do it? I’m not sure but I’m definitely going to try! So for today, despite all the little voices telling me not to, I'm accepting this challenge! I was motivated to try this after listening to @hellofears when she said:

“You always have a choice to make and comfort is the easy one... Always choose growth over comfort!”

— Michelle Poler 💪

How was the experience?

Well, I’ve posted it. I’ve shared my commitment. I’ve put it out there in the universe so there’s no turning back now! I've got a list of 24 ideas so far, some are small (like going out to eat by myself) and some are big (like getting a piercing) and yes, I'm open to ideas & suggestions! Over the course of this month, I'm going to:

  • Overcome a huge fear

  • Face embarrassment

  • Deal with a fear of rejection

  • Practice not being comfortable

  • Try letting go of control

  • Enjoy screwing up

  • Be okay with imperfection

  • And probably make a fool of myself (more than once!)

I’d love to invite you to follow along with me! I’ll be posting in my Instagram Stories every day and this mini-blog here on my website!

Here’s to a November that I’ll never forget!!!